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pita bread

It’s finally cool enough out to make me want to bake, so we are back to making all our own bread. I like to make a triple-batch of pita bread, because I can throw it into a bag and into … Continue reading

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When I was growing up in Philadelphia, we’d frequently go to this Greek restaurant on South Street (back before it was basically just a mall of condom shops and fast food). As I began to lean vegetarian, I realized that … Continue reading

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I grew up in Philadelphia, with easy access to some amazing bagels at Rolings, leaving me disappointed at my options in rural New Mexico and even in Madison, WI. This left me with no choice but to try to bake … Continue reading

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thai tofu and winter squash stew

I often serve this to guests, because I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t like it.  You can serve it with regular rice, but if you are able to find a thai rice steamer and thai sweet/glutinous rice, … Continue reading

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