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white bean and kale soup

This soup is everything I want in the winter: hearty and comforting, yet healthy and nourishing. Plus, there wasn’t that much to prep or chop. You have to soak the beans first, and then cook the beans within the soup … Continue reading

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hummus pizza

Pizza is such an easy thing to make – I spend 10 minutes mixing the dough the night before, take it out of the fridge around 5, mess with it for a few minutes at 5:45 and again at 6:30, … Continue reading

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no-knead thin-crust pizza dough

I LOVE this pizza dough recipe from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s The Bread Bible. It’s a no-knead (or maybe just a tiny knead) dough, so you don’t develop the gluten structure, which means that it creates a tender yet crisp crust. … Continue reading

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easiest tomato sauce

I know this recipe sounds crazy – you just throw everything into the pot without sauteing or anything.  I swear, it’s delicious.  Maybe not the same as making it with fresh tomatoes and cooking it forever, but when you just … Continue reading

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eggplant parmesan, healthier and inside-out

As a vegetarian, eggplant parm has often been the one thing I could eat on the menu – that, or some sort of portobello mushroom sandwich.  Although I got quite sick of it, this recipe is nothing like any other … Continue reading

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veggie burgers again

See the previous post on veggie burgers – this time we made them with chickpeas, roasted garlic, and grated carrots.  Nick whipped them up, and served them with sauteed spinach (with olive oil and garlic, of course) and a baked … Continue reading

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