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anything goes composed salad

So maybe this is a lazy “recipe,” but this meal got me through my prelim exams. I like to prep all the items ahead of time, or even make it out of leftovers – roast some sweet potatoes with olive … Continue reading

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white bean and kale soup

This soup is everything I want in the winter: hearty and comforting, yet healthy and nourishing. Plus, there wasn’t that much to prep or chop. You have to soak the beans first, and then cook the beans within the soup … Continue reading

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black bean soup

Black bean soup recipes can be found across my cookbooks, but I have yet to find one as satisfying as this one, adapted from Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian. She says this version hails from Costa Rica, and that it is … Continue reading

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corn and edamame-sesame salad

We just got Veganomicon as a wedding shower gift, and we’ve already made the edamame corn salad for two different parties. It’s really easy and delicious – though it does require a bit of a financial splurge on the frozen … Continue reading

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tamale pie, or midwest meets southwest

Making regular food into a casserole is something I think of as the awsomeness of the midwest.  Since I’m in the midwest, and I’m overwhelmed by the idea of making real tamales, I thought I would give this recipe for … Continue reading

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quinoa black bean salad

This summery, healthy salad tastes bright and spicy (or not, if you prefer). We had it with sesame beets (last post), and it was a great dinner. Quinoa is actually a seed, not a grain, so it’s very high in … Continue reading

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middle eastern chickpeas with spinach

This meal is comforting yet tangy and interesting – perfect for a cool spring evening in Madison.  It calls for a pinch of saffron in the beans, but we didn’t want to splurge on that, and it was still delicious.  … Continue reading

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