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white bean and kale soup

This soup is everything I want in the winter: hearty and comforting, yet healthy and nourishing. Plus, there wasn’t that much to prep or chop. You have to soak the beans first, and then cook the beans within the soup … Continue reading

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black bean soup

Black bean soup recipes can be found across my cookbooks, but I have yet to find one as satisfying as this one, adapted from Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian. She says this version hails from Costa Rica, and that it is … Continue reading

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miso soup

I always liked miso soup, but when I got back from a summer in Japan, it became a regular part of any meal – breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Miso, a paste traditionally made out of fermented rice, soybeans, or barley, … Continue reading

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faux pho

I haven’t eaten true pho before, since it involves a whole lot of meat.  We had JN over for a vegan dinner the other night, however, and I was excited to make Faux Pho, both the recipe and the pun … Continue reading

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simple tomato soup

This is very easy, very inexpensive, and surprisingly delicious, from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.  It’s good at any time of year because you can use canned tomatoes – and that’s all you should use unless you have … Continue reading

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thai tofu and winter squash stew

I often serve this to guests, because I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t like it.  You can serve it with regular rice, but if you are able to find a thai rice steamer and thai sweet/glutinous rice, … Continue reading

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