anything goes composed salad


So maybe this is a lazy “recipe,” but this meal got me through my prelim exams. I like to prep all the items ahead of time, or even make it out of leftovers – roast some sweet potatoes with olive oil, salt, and pepper, grate some carrots and beets (yes! you can grate beets and eat them raw in a salad, just like carrots), cook some beans and quinoa or rice. In the summer, I’ll make it with tomatoes, cucumber, and other seasonal items. Then it’s all about making a pretty composition, topping it with a vinaigrette, pepper, and parsley. This is especially ideal if you are aiming for a low-key cooking week. With these items prepped, you can saute them one night with rice, sesame oil, and soy sauce, or put them in a tortilla with some cumin, cilantro, and salsa . . . you can just prep all the ingredients on the weekend and make different meals all week.

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