hummus pizza

Pizza is such an easy thing to make – I spend 10 minutes mixing the dough the night before, take it out of the fridge around 5, mess with it for a few minutes at 5:45 and again at 6:30, and then bake it for 10 minutes around 7:15. So, it requires some planning, but not much actual work time. I think I’ve made it for a lot of guests so frequently, however, that I think of it as a big production. When just Nick and I make it for ourselves, it’s one of the fastest meals we make. We planned on making pizza, but totally forgot to get ingredients for sauce or cheese. We did, however, have some freshly homemade hummus around, and some feta, so I thought I would try a little experiment.

After par-baking the crust from my favorite pizza recipe, I mixed an extra tb of olive oil into my usual hummus recipe, chopped up some sun-dried tomatoes that I reconstituted in boiling red wine, and looked for anything else in the fridge that would work. So, we topped it with a layer of hummus, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, olives, and hot pepper flakes. It made for a healthy, easy, and tasty meal. Considering the low fat content, the protein of the hummus helped make it more satiating. Yum!

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