tomato watermelon skewers

tomato watermelon skeweresI brought these as an hors d’oeuvre to Madeleine’s fancy party, and while they kind of made me think of some food display from the 1950’s, the flavor combination is bright, slightly surprising, and delicious. If you want to forgo the time and presentation, you could certainly slice the tomatoes in half and toss as a salad. I edited this recipe from Great Chefs Cook Vegan, a cookbook we just received as a wedding gift. Everything in it is a bit fancy, including expensive ingredients that may prevent trying many of them out for a while. This one was reasonable on our grocery budget.

20 cherry tomatoes (if you have access to multiple colors, it looks very nice here)
1/2 watermelon (the co-op had yellow and red watermelons, so I bought one of each)
1 bunch mint
2 lemons – juice and zest
3 tb sherry vinegar
1/2 cp olive oil
kosher salt

1. Cut the watermelon into cubes of the size to balance being bite-size, yet be able to support the cherry tomatoes over them (1-2 inches cubed).
2. Clean the mint and tomatoes.
3. Prepare the dressing: combine the lemon juice and zest, vinegar, and olive oil in a bowl.
4. Pierce each tomato with a toothpick, leaving about an inch below it. Add one mint leaf, and then put a watermelon cube at the bottom of each one, making sure the toothpick doesn’t stick out from the bottom. Arrange on a plate.
5. Drizzle the dressing over the skewers and sprinkle the salt on top to taste.

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